Asante kwa Pendo from watoto Tumaini

So much of what has transpired this past year is a result of the loving support our donors and sponsors have provided.  This is our thank you . . . for caring, for giving, for allowing us to “lean on you” when we needed to.  Thank you to Katy Wilson for teaching the children the song “Lean on Me” before we arrived so that we could begin taping . . . Thank you to Kal Commodore for producing the video.  Thank you to Tanesco  (Tanzania Electric Supply Company) for finally providing a window of electricity large enough for us to upload.  Thank you to God for keeping these children safe and healthy and happy this past year . . . And, Thank YOU, from the very bottom of my heart, for opening your hearts and your wallets . . . thank you to friends and family who may not be mentioned in this video but are treasured none the less . . . we are so very lucky to have you caring for us and we simply say, “Asante”!  Please visit : for our thank you . . .


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