Wine Survivor

Dates: TBD (approximately February)

How to Join

  • Entry fee is $20 plus “a bottle of wine”
  • Rather than drop off an actual bottle of wine, please add $15 to your entry fee (this means you can play from anywhere in the world and still be sent a virtual gift card to your local wine or liquor store)
  • Extra “lives” may be purchased for an additional $10 each, up to a maximum of 2 extra lives
  • Information on where to send entry fees and how to join the participant list will be posted here after a date has been set

How it Works

  • There will be 5 prize winners: 1st to 5th place
  • Names will be drawn each day to eliminate players. If you buy additional lives, then your chances of staying in the game increase. Each extra ‘life’ costs $10, max is 3 lives.
  • First person eliminated will receive 1 ‘bottle’ of wine ($15 gift card) – because it REALLY sucks to be the first one out!
  • On Wednesdays (Winesdays) there will be a draw to WIN 1 bottle of wine – because it really is fun to win wine! So, even if you have been eliminated from the regular draw, you are still eligible for the Winesday draws to keep it fun for everyone!
  • As an example: Based on 60 participants, here is an estimate of winnings:
    • First place prize is the equivalent of 24 bottles of wine in gift cards
    • Second place prize is the equivalent of 12 bottles of wine in gift cards.
    • Third place prize is 8 bottles of wine ….
    • Fourth place prize is 5 bottles of wine…
    • Fifth place prize is 2 bottles of wine….
  • Finally, there will be one last Winesday fun draw for the remaining ‘bottles’ of wine at the very end. Everyone will be eligible for this draw!

For more information, please contact

Lauren (Ontario) :

Pam (British Columbia) :