Tumaini Auction

The items displayed in the above images are not a preview of the items that will be up for auction, but just a small representation of the types of items you might hope to find at bidding time!


TBD (The auction usually takes place in November. The 2022 auction dates have not been finalized, but will be updated here when a date has been set.)

How it Works:

On the opening date, auction items are posted to the Tumaini Children’s Foundation Facebook page. Items are shown in a photo with a description of the item in the caption, along with a minimum bid value. The auction remains open for two weeks during which participants can post their bids in the comment section of each photo. Bids can increase by any amount. At the end of the auction, the highest bidder for each item will be contacted and given instructions for payment and item pick-up.


The auction is run through Tumaini’s Facebook Page, linked in the “Auction” button below.

Contact Info:

For more information, please contact Leslie at leslie@tuchifo.org