Our BRAND NEW WEBSITE www.tuchifo.org is ready for launching May 15th and we have a few VERY important thank yous to share!

To some pretty special Tumaini Dadas Lauren Fulton, Sami Fitzgerald and Sydney Buis for hours and hours of copy writing, editing and photo selections and for months and months of web design that went on in British Columbia by a certain two fellows, Kakas (brothers) Cameron Murdoch (who has been to Tumaini and helped us move and reinstall our solar array), and Kaka Veenu Punyani (who hopes to one day visit us at Tumaini and meet the children he has spent months with in cyberspace)!!!

And finally, this website would not be here without the financial sponsorship of “Baba”Dave Egles of HES Home Energy Solutions in Barrie, Ontario and Victoria, British Columbia www.hespv.ca who is our illuminator!  He has brought, installed, expanded, dismantled, and reinstalled our solar array(s) (see the “s” there?  Yes, Tumaini has “arrays”)!  He and his wife Jackie help sponsor not one but two Tumaini children, Omari and Connie and tirelessly give of their time with fundraising drives benefiting our kids!

Thank you, thank you, to David and Cameron and Veenu . . . to Sydney and Sami and Lauren, and to each of you who continues to embrace us at Tumaini . . . it’s a long way to Tanzania . . . a long way for you to realize the effects of your donations . . . our new website is going to be able to bring everyone just a little closer!  Be well!

Tumaini Nederlands

Thank you to Tumaini Nederlands – brothers inlaw: Wil Van der Linden, Cees Shellens, Henri Rijkers and Hein Schellens for their successful summit of Mount Kilimanjaro raising 9,000 euros to help our children . . . there are no words . . .

Miss MacGregor’s class

Thank You to Miss MacGregor’s class for collecting more than 100 pairs of school shoes for our Tumaini Children . . . there are no words!

Kayak Foundation

Thank You to the Kayak Foundation (Calgary Foundation), Calgary, AB, Canada, there are no words …


How do we say thank you to so many people for such a wonderful Sunday afternoon?  For a beautiful day (thank you God), and a pristine course (Tracey and Shelley Boerkamp of Springview Farms Golf Course), fabulous food (Dave and team of MaRazzo Catering), an unexpected but much needed surprise gift from Branch Manager and three year Tumaini Mama: Debra Mather of Scotiabank Simcoe, our title sponsor, and new supporters Owner Edward Odumodu and Charities Coordinator Dannette Storey of Pharmasave Simcoe for supplying all kinds of meds and other goodies, as well as old friends and new who joined us in support for some very needy children on the other side of the world!  Special thanks (and a personally cooked meal by Lohai and Kelvin) go to our chairwoman Bonnie Wardell of Wardell Appliances and Lisa Engelhardt-Robinson of My Top Drawer, Simcoe for your incredible effort and we cannot thank fellow directors John Davies and Charlene Cleland for all of their work!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  It is impossible to do what we do without the loving support of the following people and please stay tuned for some pretty special photos, courtesy of Bibi Kathy and Reilly!

Rotary Helping Tumaini

Simcoe resident, Cherie M. Szucs, Founder/Executive Director of TUMAINI CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION, www.tuchifo.com located in Usa River, a village, near Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, East Africa; shall receive a Rotary donation of $8,000, and a welcome by a large audience of Simcoe Rotarians, dignitaries, friends and visitors on Saturday morning, August 1 at 11:45 a.m., as The Rotary Lynn River Music and Arts Festival opens at Wellington Park in Simcoe, Ontario. “TUMAINI” means “Hope” in Swahili. Part of the funds, raised during The Lynn River Music & Arts Festival, shall go to support TUMAINI.

Matching funds, of $8,000, have been pledged by other Canadian Rotarians; more are sought.

Since its founding in 2010, TUMAINI has grown to provide a healthy, safe and love-filled home, with good food, clean water, medical care and quality education, for 54 disadvantaged, orphaned, or abandoned children and youth in the Village of Usa River, near Arusha, Northern Tanzania. Cherie Szucs has just returned to Simcoe, after working for many weeks at TUMANI with the children and volunteer staff, developing the facilities. Rotary funds shall be used to purchase and install solar panels for electricity. In a continuing project, backed by Rotarians, Cherie Szucs is applying high Canadian standards to build a school expansion, with a residential home for the benefit of all the village children in need, the staff and volunteers, on a new site. Simcoe Rotarians are helping lead long-term TUMAINI fund raising.

rotary imageThe Rotary Club of Simcoe Executive Board, led by President Tim Fitzgerald, Past President Gerry Goddard and a number of area Rotarians, have identified TUMAINI as worthy of substantial, long term development help. New funds from wider sources in Norfolk County, Western Ontario and New York State, USA; as well as the whole Rotary International network, are being sought. Partners, in various Rotary Clubs, and their many friends, including Norfolk County residents, have been assembled: in Europe, The Netherlands, Canada, USA and Tanzania, to assure that TUMAINI flourishes as a not for profit, volunteer-led foundation.

– See more at: http://www.simcoerotaryclub.com/Stories/simcoe-rotarians-give-8-000-to-the-tumaini-children%E2%80%99s-school-in-tanzania-africa#sthash.DftX2D0b.dpuf


Like so many FIRSTS we have enjoyed here at Tumaini, Simcoe Rotary, (www.simoerotaryclub.com) from Tumaini’s founding town of Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, is spearheading a “longterm” partnership with us to provide “significant aid”, in order to help build a new school in the village of Kiwawa as well as a permanent home for our Tumaini family.  President Gerry Goddard, International Chair Dennis Zukowsky and Committee Members Ron Baker and John Featherstone are all, hard at work, facilitating this opportunity.

This news is very exciting for my partner Oddo and I because locating and negotiating a site has taken us the better part of five years.  We have that site now and will commence construction on the school first, in an act of good faith towards the villagers and their children.

Dover Maple Leaf, Jan 14, 2015