A world-wide traveller, Pam is keenly interested in the world and the beautiful places and people that make it incredible and diverse. For over 30 years, Pam has worked as a Pharmacist in various roles from dispensing, to business operations and currently works for a start-up biotech company. Finding Tumaini was meant to be. In 2018, Pam and her husband Kevin, decided to pull their daughter Maddie out of school for a grand adventure to travel and volunteer for three months. Pam had read about Tumaini and thought it was the perfect place for them to go…and perfect it was. They met their Tumaini family and spent a number of weeks helping out and getting to know the precious children, staff, community and other volunteers. Tumaini and its people have been a boundless source of inspiration. Pam and her family work to fundraise and raise awareness as well as continue to look for ways to bring more like-minded people together to join the effort!