Hussein, younger brother to Hadija, is the second of seven children in his family.  The oldest six were abandoned at Tumaini by their mother in 2015, and they have lived with us ever since. Hussein is a loveable boy and a great fit in our Tumaini family.

Story of Hussein

DOB – June 26, 2005

Came under Tumaini care in 2015

There was not a bite of food . . . mom was so sick she couldn’t walk and we had to have her assisted to a hospital.  It turned out Mom (HIV+) had a TB tumour growing in her stomach and required immediate surgery.

Tumaini got the surgery for mom, rented a house and put all the school aged children into school.  Mom would convalesce for a couple of months afterward, then began disappearing in the night, leaving big sister Hadija home alone to care for everyone.

About six months after mom’s surgery, one day, Hussein (we had put Hadija into boarding school) brought the younger children to Tumaini along with the keys to their house and informed us that mom had ridden away the night before with her mattress, on the back of a piki piki.

Hussein is such a loveable boy: he is unassuming, and he has this enormous heart.  Hussein is the first of the boys to run to you for a bedtime hug… and the second… and the third…  You get the pattern, right?  Hussein is one of the best huggers!  When his sister Rukaya was sick with a cold and cough, Hussein was the first to wrap her up in a big blanket and put her on his lap, rocking her back and forth and singing to her quietly.  He took care of her like his own baby, even helping to feed her when she was too tired and weak, and he made sure she didn’t lift a finger (quite literally) to ensure she had proper rest.  This sight would warm your heart no matter where you are in the world, but it was particularly special seeing Hussein so affectionate towards his sister in a country where it is not the culture for males to be so affectionate and caring.

Hussein is very helpful and is often the first to step up and start washing the dishes, especially if it’s to help his younger Tumaini siblings who have troubles reaching the sink.  Like many of our kids at Tumaini, Hussein loves to entertain!  He has a goofy sense of humour and loves to make others laugh with his animated voice impressions… this young man could have a future in radio or film if he wanted to!

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