Kitchener Conestoga Rotary helping Tumaini move forward

With a goal to become more self sufficient, Tumaini, with funding from the Kitchener Conestoga Rotary Club in Ontario, Canada will begin construction on future opportunities!

Nshupu, the village of Tumaini Children’s Foundation, is a typical Tanzanian village located part way up Mount Meru, near Arusha in northern Tanzania.  The village is home to about 15,000 people, living modestly or at poverty level for the most part.
With an objective towards becoming less foreignly dependant and having a new project manager (Frank Mpobela ) who is extremely capable, we are moving forward with confidence to generate greater stability and income generating opportunities in support of our Tumaini kids.

Our next objective is to build shops and small apartments reducing our overhead and allowing us business opportunities which would generate much needed funding.  These shops (welding, [we were given a welding machine], maize grinding [all of the community grinds their maize so this is a profitable business], small grocery), will provide future employment opportunities for those Tumaini children whose academic limitations prohibit them from advancing their educations.  This in turn will lighten the financial burden on Tumaini’s operating coffers and we will have more disposable income to continue the many good works we do.

Additionally, it is our intent to build rooms (chumbas) to house members of our Tumaini outreach family who cannot afford the cost of rent.  By providing one of our rooms, we will again reduce our overhead.

With Frank’s direction, local fundis (tradespeople) have costed out this project and we thank Rotary (Kitchener-Conestoga) Club for donating $14,000 towards this project!!!  Let us finish the task!

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Tumaini Children’s Foundation is a not for profit, charitable organization dedicated to the care, support and education of orphaned and needy children in and around Usa River, Arusha, Tanzania.

TUmaini CHIldren’s FOundation, or (TUCHIFO) is a United Republic of Tanzania, Non-Governmental Organization (Act, 2002, Section 12(2) of Act. No. 24 of 2002) Certificate No. 3232 and is a Canada Revenue approved registered charity.

Please consider sponsoring, in part or in full, the needs of one of our children. Asante Sana!!